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Increasingly parents are wanting to mark the birth of a child, and to include family and friends in making a public commitment to support, guide and take care of the new addition. Historically the only way to do this was with a Christening, but now we can help you create your own unique naming ceremony. You can involve as many or as few people as you would like, create vows and use poetry and music. We can make a celebration which truly reflects your beliefs and says the words you truly want to say.


When families apply for an Adoption Order to complete the legal adoption of a child it can be a bit of an anti-climax as the court appearance and process is quite speedy. Now you have the opportunity to create a Family Ceremony to mark the day with family and friends, to allow them to be part of the occasion and to publicly voice their commitment to the child and to the family. You can use music, poetry, vows, determinations, photographs, video - anything which makes your day special for you. Creating a unique welcome to the family is a wonderful way to mark this signicicant occasion and give you all wonderful memories to savour year after year.

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Prices for the creation and conducting of your bespoke naming ceremony start at £150. Travel free within 15 mile radius of Abegavenny. Mileage charged at 45p per mile thereafter.

Webber Family Ceremony 2016


I was privilieged to be asked to conduct a Family Ceremony for Nicole Webber to welcome her newly adopted daughter Keira into the family. We all trooped down to Cardiff for the formal ratification of the adoption and the handing over of the certificate. In fairness although the Judge was very lovely and very friendly none of us had the faintest idea what was happening, and the importance of the day was never expressed. Then we all went back to the family home where the kids could let off steam and the adults could chat and eat. When everyone was suitably refreshed I conducted a very informal Family Ceremony which included commitments from the Special Adults (equivalent to God Parents ) and their feelings about their roles and their support for the family. There was a focus on the importance of the day as the start of the next stage of the family's life together, the importance of family and supportive adults to children and the happiness these relationships bring. It was a very joyous affair, with much laughter, some tears and children coming and going throughout. Just what the family wanted.

"A beautiful and heart warming adoption / naming ceremony was conducted yesterday by Jane Grayer for my youngest daughter. A lovely speech bringing tears of happiness to most. I can't thank you enough for making our families day very special and a day to remember. Many thanks. Also thanks to all who attended."

Nicole Webber

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